Not Happy with Your Job? Decide Your Next Steps

Is a lack of flexibility or appreciation causing you to feel increasingly stressed at work? Are you looking for a higher salary or opportunities for advancement? If so, you are not alone. These are among the most common reasons for not being happy with a job. Lack of job satisfaction decreases your task engagement, productivity, […]

What to Think About When Choosing a Professional Reference

The connections you ask to serve as your professional references are important. They impact whether you receive a job offer. You want individuals you worked with who can attest to your qualifications. This shows you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to carry out the job duties and responsibilities. Follow these guidelines to determine which […]

What Keywords Should You Include in Your IT Resume?

Most employers use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen job candidates. The software looks for specific resume keywords to determine whether a candidate has the knowledge, skills, and experience required for a role. The ATS sorts and grades the resumes based on the relevant keywords. Then, the hiring manager uses these scores to determine […]

Are Your Social Media Accounts Killing Your Chances of Finding a New Job?

Do your social media accounts portray you in a professional manner? If not, you need to clean them up before your job search. A 2020 survey conducted by The Harris Poll showed that 71% of respondents who make hiring decisions believe a candidate’s social media profiles should be looked at during the screening process. Also, […]