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Transitioning to a New IT Role: Leveraging Transferable Skills and Experience

Transitioning to a New IT Role Leveraging Transferable Skills and Experience

Leveraging your transferrable skills and experience is important when transitioning to a new IT role. You can use your knowledge and abilities to take on new challenges and benefit a new employer.

Working within the IT industry helps you earn competitive compensation and maintain job security. You also can benefit from the flexibility and the opportunities for advancement within the industry.

Implement these tips to leverage your transferrable skills and experience when transitioning to a new IT role.

Choose a Specialization

Consider an IT subfield that complements your knowledge, skills, and experience. Examples include enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud computing. This approach can reduce the amount of time needed to develop new skills and find your new IT role.

Determine the Job Qualifications

Read the job descriptions of the roles you desire. Use this information to determine which education, skills, and experience are required for the role.

Compare the job requirements to your current qualifications. Then, determine the steps you can take to fill the gaps. Examples include taking an online course, completing certification, or earning a degree.


Talk with your relevant connections about your IT job search. Include detailed information about your education, skills, experience, goals, and interests.

Your connections may know of opportunities that might interest you. They also could provide employee referrals, serve as professional references, or introduce you to another professional who can help with your search.

Schedule Informational Interviews

Consider setting up informational interviews with IT professionals in the roles and companies you desire. Ask questions to determine whether the job duties and responsibilities, company culture, and other factors fit what you are looking for.

Thank everyone who is involved in your job search. Offer to help them as well.

Optimize Your Resume

Include in your resume your relevant education, hard and soft skills, and IT experience. Also, detail your quantifiable accomplishments to show how you added value for previous employers and can benefit your next employer.

Describe how your previous job duties and responsibilities relate to the duties and responsibilities of the role you desire. Also, include relevant keywords from the job description to show you are a match for the position and should be contacted for an interview.

Partner with an IT Staffing Agency

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