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From Setback to Comeback: Turning Job Loss into an Opportunity for Growth

From Setback to Comeback Turning Job Loss into an Opportunity for Growth

Experiencing job loss can feel like a career setback. However, you can turn the situation into an opportunity for growth.

Losing your job due to termination or a layoff can be frustrating. However, what you do after this loss impacts the rest of your career.

Wisely investing your time after job loss helps you develop your skill set and find a role that is right for you. Taking appropriate steps helps you make a comeback in your career.

Follow these guidelines to turn a job loss into an opportunity for growth.

Determine What You Want in a Job

Write down what you liked and disliked about your most recent job. Examples include location, work hours, flexibility, duties and responsibilities, manager, work-life balance, and company culture. Then, use your list to determine what you want in your next job.

Reach Out to Your Network

Talk with relevant connections about the type of job you seek. Provide as much detail as possible about your skills, experience, accomplishments, goals, and interests.

The members of your network might know of opportunities within their companies and refer you to the hiring manager. Or, these individuals might connect you with members of their networks who can help with your job search.

Schedule Informational Interviews

Consider setting up informational interviews with professionals who work in the roles you desire. Learn all you can about the job duties and responsibilities, company culture, and other relevant details. You can use this information to determine whether the position would be right for you and should be pursued.

Thank each individual for their help with your job search. Offer to help them when needed.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

Include in your job search a recruiter from a local staffing agency that specializes in your industry. The recruiter has access to unadvertised opportunities with less competition than the opportunities included on job boards.

The recruiter can coach you on your resume and throughout the hiring process to increase the odds of being offered a job. The recruiter also can negotiate any job offers on your behalf and assist with the onboarding process. These advantages can help you secure a job in less time than finding one on your own.

Prepare to Discuss Your Job Loss

Practice what you want to say about your job loss during an interview. For instance, be concise and honest about the events surrounding the event. Also, include how you spent your time between your job loss and the interview.

For instance, you might share that your company underwent a merger, and your position was eliminated due to redundancy. You began searching job boards, networking, and partnering with a local staffing agency to apply for the opportunities that fit your goals, skills, and experience and let you add significant value to the organization.

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