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Thinking of Quitting Your Job? 3 Things to Do BEFORE

Thinking of Quitting Your Job 3 Things to Do BEFORE

When you are thinking of quitting your job, reflecting on your situation and planning your exit strategy, help you make the right decision. Leaving in a positive manner helps you transition into the next step of your career path.

Properly planning to quit your job involves understanding your reasons for leaving. These reasons help you assess your needs and decide what your next job should look like. These actions help smooth the transition into your job search and new role.

Do these three things before quitting your job.

1. Determine Your Needs

Consider what you want to accomplish by quitting your job. For instance, you may desire increased flexibility, such as remote or hybrid work options, for a greater work-life balance.  Or, you might want a job in a new location or a career in a different industry. Knowing what your goal is helps you shape a plan for your job search.

2. Document Your Accomplishments

Write down your job duties, responsibilities, and achievements for your current role. This list shows the skills and experience you gained and how you added value to the organization. Include these details in your LinkedIn profile and resume to encourage hiring managers and recruiters to contact you for an interview.

Keep copies of your work samples, such as non-confidential presentations, to demonstrate the quality of your contributions. Also, save emails, files, and performance reviews that show your quantifiable results. You may want to share relevant information during job interviews to increase the odds of receiving a job offer.

3. Create an Action Plan

Consider what you want from your new job and how you should approach your search. For instance, you may use the type of job and the geographic area you desire to search online job boards. Or, you might connect with members of your network who work in your industry and may know of opportunities that might interest you. Even better, you could partner with a local staffing agency that specializes in your industry to help you find a job that fills your skills, experience, and interests. Then, start implementing your plan as soon as possible.

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