Our Specialties

Focused on what we do best – digital, creative, marketing & IT job placement.

We Understand Your Biggest Challenges

For candidates

Identifying roles that leverage their skills in an engaging environment with a competitive pay package. 

For clients

Quickly finding the right talent with the best mix of skills for the job. 

ektello meets these challenges head on every day.

Our team of recruiting experts take the time to understand the challenges our clients face in attracting in-demand talent in a highly competitive marketplace.

Then we speak to our candidates in depths about their professional skills and experience and their needs, wants, and priorities. We know that happy talent means better engagement and retention and a stronger bottom line. And getting to know our clients and candidates well means a better match for both.

This hands-on approach and attention to detail is what makes ektello more than a staffing provider. We are a trusted advisor.

Digital, Creative & Marketing

Our experts bring the same creativity to recruiting as our candidates bring to their job. With digital, creative and marketing skills in demand, employers need a recruiting partner who can uncover this specialized talent while ensuring professionals land in opportunities that make the most of their skills in an environment where they can thrive. Find it in ektello.

Information Technology

ektello brings together in-demand IT talent and employers nationwide. Our specialized recruiters come from information technology, they speak the language and ask the right questions to make the perfect match. From independent contributors in UX, tech support, software development and more to proven leaders who understand the complexities of this field, partnering with ektello gives talent and employers a competitive edge.

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