Balancing Work and Gratitude: Tips for Staying Productive During the Holiday Season

Balancing work and gratitude during the holiday season can be challenging. You want to stay productive at work and still have time to engage in holiday activities with family and friends. As a result, finding ways to balance work commitments and celebrations should be one of your top priorities. These methods can help. Implement these […]

Leaving No Crumbs: Crafting a Stellar Follow-Up After Interviews

Crafting a stellar follow-up after interviews helps leave a lasting impression on employers. The more positively the interviewer views you, the more likely you are to advance in the hiring process. Sending a customized follow-up after interviews helps you stand out from the competition. Reminding the interviewer of your qualifications helps keep you top-of-mind for […]

Giving Thanks to Your Team: Strategies for Employee Appreciation and Retention

Giving thanks to your team is an effective retention strategy. Expressing employee appreciation shows you value your team’s contributions, results, and impact on your company. Demonstrating employee appreciation encourages your team to remain long-term with your organization. As a result, your hiring, onboarding, and training costs decrease. These factors strengthen your bottom line. Choose among […]

Mastering Employer Value Proposition for Talent Attraction and Retention

Mastering Employer Value Proposition for Talent Attraction and Retention

Mastering your employer value proposition is essential to your company’s success. Pointing out how your organization differs from others helps with talent attraction and retention. Because the current labor market is tight, your employer value proposition is more important than ever. Demonstrating your company’s culture, what your organization offers its employees, and what it’s like […]

From Startups to Enterprise Organizations, Why Companies Choose ektello

From Startups To Enterprise Organizations, Why Companies Choose ektello

Are you searching for the best digital, creative, marketing, or IT talent? If so, you’ve come to the right place. For over a decade, ektello has known where to find the talent you need to immediately impact your business. Our unique approach to staffing focuses on our talent’s unique skill sets and overall career development. […]

The Culture Fit Formula: Unlocking Job Satisfaction in Your Ideal Company

The Culture Fit Formula Unlocking Job Satisfaction in Your Ideal Company

Unlocking job satisfaction in your ideal company involves finding the right culture fit. Working for a company whose mission, vision, and values align with your own helps you remain engaged and productive long-term. You can begin the process of understanding a company’s culture even if you are not interested in a job change. Listing the […]