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Holiday Cheers and Careers: Mixing Networking and Festivities for Success

Combining holiday cheers and careers lets you enhance your professional path while enjoying the season’s festivities. You can mix networking and cheer for career success.

Blending networking and holiday celebrations helps you remain current with industry news, trends, and best practices. You also can develop your soft skills, uncover common interests, and get to know other professionals.

Networking at company holiday parties helps increase your knowledge of and connections to the organization. The results include increased engagement, collaboration, and opportunities for advancement.

Follow these guidelines to mix networking and festivities for success.

Be Friendly

Smile as you look around for a friendly face at the holiday event. When you spot someone, maintain open body language as you approach. Help the person remain at ease and want to have a conversation.

Introduce Yourself

Share your name and a comment about the festivity. Focus on starting a discussion with the person. Add to their response to keep the talk going.

Ask Questions

Ask the person a question and wait for their answer. The topic might be holiday-related or cover another topic that interests you.

Ask follow-up questions to gather additional information. Also, restate what you heard to check your understanding. Then, respond accordingly.

Find Commonalities

Look for common connections, ideas, or interests during your conversation. Uncovering commonalities helps develop personal bonds that help you remember each other. These bonds help form the foundation for a long-term relationship.

Exchange Contact Information

Let the person know you would like to keep in touch with them. Then, ask if they would be open to exchanging contact information.

Thank the individual for taking the time to talk with you. Share that you look forward to continuing the conversation soon.

Follow Up

Email each person you met at the holiday event. Remind them of a few main topics you discussed to help jog their memories.

Let each individual know you would like to talk with them more. Ask if they would be open to coffee or lunch soon.

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