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Work from Home? Consider these 5 Ways to Create Balance When Your Office Is Your Living Room

Finding a balance between your professional responsibilities and personal life can be challenging. This is especially true when you work from home.

Having to handle issues with family members, roommates, and pets takes time away from your work. This significantly increases your stress level.

To more effectively manage your work and home life, you must separate the two as much as possible. Then, you can focus on the tasks that need attention at the moment.

Implement these methods to create balance when you work from home.

1. Prioritize Communication

Let the people who live in your home know what you have going on for the day. This may include your need for quiet time to make phone calls. Or, you might have errands to run or personal tasks to complete.

Ensure everyone knows who is responsible for childcare duties, meal preparation, or other household tasks. You may want to develop a joint digital calendar showing who is responsible for what and when. This helps the household continue to run and everyone to adapt to last-minute changes.

2. Maintain Your Morning Routine

Get ready for work in a manner similar to when you commuted to the office. This keeps you in the habit of working during set hours.

For instance, get up at the same time, shower, change your clothes, and eat breakfast. Then, take a walk around your neighborhood, work out, read, cook, or do something else during your former commute time.

3. Designate a Workspace

Maintain a work area separate from your living space. This helps separate your professional and personal tasks.

For instance, designate a specific area of your kitchen or living room for work only. Also, set up your laptop when your work day begins and put it away when your work day ends. Additionally, spend your leisure time in other areas of your home.

4. Schedule Time for Movement

Set up regular break times to move around. For instance, stand up and stretch or get a healthy snack. Or, go for a walk, run, or practice yoga.

Regularly walking away from your laptop quiets your mind. Also, disengaging from work lets your brain relax. You can come back refreshed and ready to accomplish more.

5. Disengage When Your Work Day Ends

Stop working at the designated time. Then, engage in a preplanned activity during your former commute time home.

You may want to take a walk, call a friend, read a book, or listen to music. This signals to your brain the end of your work day. It helps you transition into your personal time.

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