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Which Skills Should You Spotlight During an Interview?

What Skills Should You Spotlight During an Interview?

Understanding which skills you should spotlight during an interview helps you advance in the hiring process. Demonstrating examples of the relevant skills shows you are well-equipped for the role.

Having the relevant skills and experience shows you fit what the hiring manager is looking for. Sharing stories that highlight these skills can bring you closer to receiving a job offer.

Implement these tips to decide which skills you should spotlight during an interview.

Technical Skills

The technical skills mentioned in the job description are essential. These skills are required to fulfill the job duties and responsibilities.

Share stories that demonstrate your use of these hard skills. Include quantifiable achievements that are relevant to the position.


Since situations and circumstances often change, flexibility is important. Your ability to adapt to the work environment, emerging technologies, shifting demographics, and industry trends shows you can evolve to fit the company’s needs.


Regular communication is especially important when working remotely or hybrid. You must understand whether to use email, a communication platform, a video or phone call, or an in-person conversation to share ideas. You also must clearly share your thoughts and reasons for your decisions.


Hiring managers look for candidates who have a positive attitude. These potential hires would bring energy to the team for increased productivity and morale.

If you mention previous employers or work situations, talk about them in a positive light. Focus on what you learned from challenges and how you benefitted going forward.


Your ongoing desire to learn is attractive to hiring managers. Positioning yourself as a thought leader shows you would be an asset to the team.

Share your methods for staying current on industry news and trends and learning about new technologies. Examples include participating in seminars or professional associations, reading blogs or books, and listening to podcasts.


Being a team player is important for productivity. Your ability to work well with and support others helps projects get done on time.

Share stories of how you cooperated with teammates to reach a common goal. Include the results and impact on the organization.

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