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What’s Better for Creative Roles? A Portfolio or Resume?

If you work as a creative, you should have a digital portfolio to display your work. This shows employers examples of your art, design, photography, writing, or other projects.

Your digital portfolio demonstrates who you are and what you excel at. This includes how your skills and interests in the creative sphere can benefit companies.

Whereas a resume explains your creative experience, a digital portfolio shows why employers hire you. Therefore, providing examples of your abilities makes a much more impactful impression on a potential employer than using words to describe your capabilities.

Including your digital portfolio on your personal website helps build a name for yourself. This increases your credibility and shows how you stand out from other creatives. As a result, your portfolio can help you land your next job.

Learn more about the benefits of having a digital portfolio and what to include in it.

Central Location

Displaying your creative work in a digital portfolio keeps it in one location. It’s like combining the most important details of your Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social accounts in one place. This shows employers how you can fill their business needs.

Customized Design

You decide which of your works should go in your digital portfolio. You also determine the layout, the pieces featured in the forefront, and the background information on each item. You might dedicate a page to your most recent projects, another for your award-winning works, and an archive of your earlier pieces. This helps your personality shine through.

Increased Online Presence

Your digital portfolio demonstrates professionalism and dedication to your work. It also can inspire other creatives in their own works. You could be mentioned on other platforms and gain popularity for your projects. This can draw employers’ attention when you are looking for your next job.


Include a blog with your digital portfolio. This amplifies your personality while providing insight into your pieces. You can share what you have been doing and more personally engage with your followers. This can lead to job opportunities


Create a short, sharable video for your digital portfolio. Include your mission, vision, pieces, accomplishments, and other relevant information. You also may want to share the processes that lead to your work. This demonstrates your ability to create diverse pieces to serve different business needs.


Share in your digital portfolio testimonials from your current and previous employers. This elevates your credibility and the value you provide businesses.

Contact Information

Provide your contact information in your digital portfolio. This includes your name, cellphone, email, social accounts, online chat apps, and an online contact form. Employers may want to talk with you to determine whether your services match their professional needs.

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