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The Secret to Standing Out from the Crowd During the Interview Process

Interviewing for a job can be stressful. You must show your knowledge, skills, and experience make you best equipped for the role. You also must demonstrate your personality fits with the company culture. These elements are required for success in the position.

As a result, you must stand out from the crowd during the interview process. Selling yourself emphasizes why you should be offered the job rather than another candidate. This increases your odds of landing the role.

Implement these tips to stand out from the crowd during the interview process.

Demonstrate Company Knowledge

Share what you learned about the company and role from your pre-interview research.

  • Include the company’s website and social media platforms, industry news and publications, and discussions with current employees in your research.
  • Learn about the company’s history, culture, business processes, latest accomplishments, competitors, and other relevant information.
  • Use your findings to talk about specific ways you could add value to the organization.

Emphasize Your Skills

Point out how your hard and soft skills best equip you for the job duties and responsibilities.

  • Use the keywords from the job description to determine which skills are most relevant for the role.
  • Include specific examples of how you used these skills to provide value for previous employers.
  • Discuss how your hard and soft skills led to relevant accomplishments in previous roles.
  • Demonstrate how you can use your skills to benefit your next employer.

Show Adaptability

Provide examples of how you adjust to changes in the work environment.

  • Show you are open to learning and adding to your skill set.
  • Demonstrate your desire to take on additional challenges and responsibilities.
  • Clarify how you can adapt to fit future business needs.

Email a Thank-You Note

Send each interviewer a note of appreciation within 24 hours of the discussion.

  • Thank each interviewer for their time.
  • Mention three main topics you discussed to jog each interviewer’s memory.
  • Include three qualifications that make you well-suited for the position.
  • Let each interviewer know you look forward to hearing back from them.

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