How Giving Employees More Flexibility Can Increase Retention

Salary is no longer the main factor employees use to determine how long they remain with an employer. In many cases, flexibility determines an employee’s longevity with a company. According to a 2021 Gallup poll, 44% of employees prefer working remotely over hybrid or entirely onsite. Also, the 2021 Inc. Best Workplaces results show that […]

4 Incentives You Should Offer to Attract Top Talent

During The Great Resignation, millions of employees are leaving their jobs for other opportunities. These employees want roles that better fit their needs, interests, and goals. As a result, the labor market is tight. This is why you may be having difficulty attracting top talent to your organization. Fortunately, you can offer incentives that job […]

What You Should Do to Retain Talent and Reduce Turnover

Your company’s ability to keep its employees impacts the stability and productivity of its workforce. The more frequently employees leave your organization, the less stable and productive the rest of your workforce will be. Employees who remain with your company long-term tend to stay engaged in their work. This increases stability and productivity in your […]