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4 Incentives You Should Offer to Attract Top Talent

During The Great Resignation, millions of employees are leaving their jobs for other opportunities. These employees want roles that better fit their needs, interests, and goals.

As a result, the labor market is tight. This is why you may be having difficulty attracting top talent to your organization.

Fortunately, you can offer incentives that job seekers are looking for in employers. These incentives can increase the number of job applicants to keep your teams productive.

Provide these incentives to attract top talent to your organization.

1. Flexibility

Job seekers look for flexibility to enhance work-life balance. Popular options include remote or hybrid work, a flexible schedule, and a significant amount of paid time off.

Employees appreciate the ability to fit their work around their personal responsibilities. This is especially important for employees who are parents or caregivers of other family members.

Flexibility lets employees prioritize self-care throughout the day. This helps reduce stress and avoid burnout.

2. Hiring Bonus

Job seekers prioritize compensation when deciding which job offer to accept. This is why providing a hiring bonus is important.

Because most employers are offering competitive pay and benefits, including a hiring bonus can make your job offer more lucrative than another. This encourages top talent to accept your job offer rather than another one.

Because a hiring bonus is a one-time expense, it does not compound over time. As a result, offering a hiring bonus can make more financial sense than offering an increased salary.

3. Career Development Opportunities

Job seekers desire opportunities to advance within organizations. This is why career development plans are important.

Ensure your job postings and website emphasize how managers work with employees to map out career paths within the organization. This includes opportunities to develop the skills required for advancement.

Prioritizing internal promotions shows your company values its workforce. This encourages new and current employees to remain long-term.

4. Mental Health Support

Job seekers want to work for employers who support employee mental health. Offering mental health support shows the company values and respects employee wellness.

Yoga classes, gym memberships, and athletic gear reimbursement are popular among job seekers. Healthy snacks, employee resource groups (ERG), and counseling programs covered under the employee health insurance plan rank high as well.

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