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It’s Not a Bad Thing to Talk to Your Boss…

It's Not A Bad Thing To Talk To Your Boss…

Regularly talking to your boss is important. Your boss is responsible for promoting a healthy work environment, supporting your performance, and helping with your career growth.

You might want to talk to your boss about your career path within the organization, a raise, or an upcoming promotion. Or, you could ask for clarity on your job duties and expectations, advice to deal with a difficult coworker, or guidance to achieve your performance goals.

Understanding how to professionally talk to your boss makes the process easier. These suggestions can help.

Implement these tips to ease the stress of talking to your boss.

Tips to Talk About Your Future with the Company

Decide what you want to accomplish while working for the organization. Include the parts of your job that are most fulfilling and what your ideal workday looks like. Use these details to develop your career goals for the coming years.

Research opportunities for career growth with your company. Focus on which opportunities fit your goals and interests. Bring up your findings while talking to your boss.

Write down the ways you add value to the team and organization. Include your knowledge, successes, and leadership abilities. Use this information to support your strengths and competencies when talking to your boss.

Ask for advice on advancing within the organization. Your boss can provide ideas and support to reach your goals.

Tips to Talk About Professional Challenges

Set up a time to talk to your boss about the issue you are concerned about. This may include not reaching performance expectations or wanting advice about managing professional relationships.

Clarify the issue so your boss can prepare for the conversation. They can think about your concern and find helpful guidance and solutions.

Consider what you want to say, how to say it, and what you would like the outcome to be. Then, ask a family member or friend to have a practice conversation with you. This preparation will help you remain calm and focused when talking with your boss.

Write down notes about the professional challenge you want to address, such as workplace interactions or productivity. This will help keep your thoughts organized and provide details you want to discuss.

Directly address your professional challenge. Include details and examples for clarity.

For instance, “Thank you for meeting with me. I am having trouble fitting in with my group. Emily and Erich often dismiss my ideas and ignore me. Here are some copies of emails I sent them regarding content ideas. If you read the responses, I believe you will agree that I’m being underappreciated.”

Ask your boss what can be done to resolve the issue. They should have ideas and steps to help you.

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