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Is Your Team Burned Out? Let’s Fix That.

Is Your Team Burnt Out? Let's Fix That.

Ongoing exposure to stress at home or work can lead to burnout. If your employees continue to do more work with fewer resources and insufficient support, your entire team could become burned out.

Physical signs of burnout include headaches, fatigue, exhaustion, and a change in eating habits. Mental signs of burnout include consistent anxiety, an inability to focus, and increased apathy. Emotional signs of burnout include cynicism, irritability, and a tendency to be argumentative.

Burnout leads to decreased employee engagement, performance, and productivity. This lowers job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention rates.

If your team is burned out, it’s in everyone’s best interest to resolve the issues. These methods can help.

Choose among these methods to help your team if they are burned out.

Determine the Root Cause

Talk with your team about what is making them feel burned out. Common causes include a heavy workload, lack of clarity about job duties and expectations, perceptions of unfair treatment, and financial or family issues. Understanding the source helps identify the best ways to support your team.

Privately talk with each employee about their mental health. Gain insight into what may be causing your team to feel burned out.

Ask empathetic questions about what your employees are going through that feels overwhelming. Talk about where your employees are feeling the most stress.

Work with your team to help resolve their issues. Provide resources and support however you can.

Advocate for Your Team

Ensure your team is well taken care of and supported. This is especially important if your team is burned out.

Provide your team with as much flexibility as possible. This may include remote or hybrid work and a flexible schedule. Your employees can use the time and space to address their personal needs and reduce stress.

Ensure your team has enough to do to stay busy without feeling overwhelmed. For instance, turn down a project if your team is at capacity. Also, let your employees turn down work if they feel they are already at their limit.

Offer your team access to relevant resources. This may include wellness programs, employee resource groups (ERGs), or mental health support services covered by your company’s health insurance plan.

Would Adding to Your Team Alleviate Burnout?

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