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Hit a Creative Block? How to Refocus & Be Effective

Working in digital, IT, marketing, or another creative field requires ongoing ideas. You must have the right state of mind and energy to get into the creative zone.

As a result, hitting a creative block significantly impacts your work. No matter how hard you try, you cannot come up with ideas or execute the ones you have.

Your creative block may be caused by anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns. Or, increasing stress may be contributing to your low energy level.

No matter the cause, hitting a creative block means learning to refocus and effectively overcome the issue. These suggestions can help.

When you hit a creative block, implement these tips to refocus and be effective.

Disengage from Your Screen

Try doing your work offline. For instance, draft a design or create content using a pen and paper.

Disengaging from your computer can stimulate your thought process. You can see things from different perspectives and gather new ideas.

Take 10 – 15 minutes a few times each day to work offline. When you hit a creative block, this process can help you refocus and be effective.

Seek New Sources of Inspiration

When you hit a creative block, look at other professionals’ work in different industries. Or, put yourself in the artist’s position and see how you would create similar work.

Look at things from different perspectives. Or, talk with a trusted friend, family member, or fellow creator for support.

Seek help to overcome a creative block. This helps you refocus and be effective.

Take a Break

Walk away from your work when you hit a creative block. Stretch, meditate, read a book, or listen to music to clear your head.

Take enough time to yourself to let your creative thoughts flow. You should come back ready to refocus and be effective.

Create Something Daily

Develop a habit of creating something every day. Regularly stimulating your thinking minimizes creative blocks.

Establishing a routine of creative thinking automatically draws your mind in this direction. This process helps you develop and execute creative ideas.

For instance, if you are a user experience (UX) designer, focus on analyzing the layouts of web and mobile applications and creating low-fidelity wireframes. This minimizes your frequency of hitting creative blocks and needing to refocus.

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