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Giving Feedback Can Be the Most Positive Meeting You Have Today

Giving Feedback Can Be the Most Positive Meeting You Have Today

Giving feedback can be challenging. Your employees might not be open to what you have to share. Or, they might not implement your ideas for improvement.

However, giving feedback can be the most positive meeting you have today. It helps your employees improve their performance.

The better your employees interact with each other, the more effectively they collaborate. Stronger collaboration leads to elevated engagement, productivity, and team morale. This improves your bottom line.

Implement these tips to effectively give feedback to benefit your team.

Provide Context for Your Feedback

Identify the situation you want to provide feedback on. For instance, say you have an employee who regularly interrupts others when they are speaking. You provide a reference point of how they interrupted colleagues during the team meeting this morning.

Share Your Observation About the Incident

Clearly and objectively provide feedback about the action you witnessed. For instance, “During our team meeting, you were so passionate about the issue we were discussing that you interrupted Kelly and Pat several times.”

Share the Impact of the Behavior

Explain how the activity affected others. Focus on why a behavioral change is needed. Emphasize the bigger picture.

For instance, “Repeatedly interrupting Kelly and Pat affects their contributions to the discussion. It gives the impression that their contributions aren’t valued. Interruptions also make it difficult for the other participants to pay attention. It would be better to wait until others are done speaking before you share your perspective.”

Provide Ideas for What to Do Next Time

Respectfully provide an idea for how to better perform going forward. Use the method you feel comfortable with and that you feel the person will respond to. This may be in the form of a statement, question, or suggestion.

For instance, “Perhaps you could provide others more time to finish sharing their thoughts so we all understand their viewpoint. This helps people feel confident when adding to discussions. Then, you can share your ideas and input to add to the conversation.”

Monitor Your Body Language

Your body language encourages the recipient to listen to your thoughts and respond in a similar manner.

  • Maintain an open posture, neutral expression, and friendly tone.
  • Speak with a calm voice.
  • Keep your hands at your side unless you are using them to gesture.

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