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Fostering Workplace Health and Wellness

Fostering workplace health and wellness should be part of your company’s culture. This increases employee engagement, performance, and productivity. It also elevates employee retention and your bottom line.

Emphasizing workplace health and wellness improves your employees’ quality of life. This minimizes unplanned employee absences, physical and mental health concerns, and burnout.

Prioritizing workplace health and wellness increases employee adaptation, flexibility, and innovation. It also elevates motivation, job satisfaction, and employee morale.

Supporting workplace health and wellness enhances your employer brand. This encourages candidates to apply for your jobs and remain with your company long-term.

Implement these tips to foster workplace health and wellness.

Emphasize Ergonomics

Focusing on ergonomics reduces the impact of employees sitting at desks all day.

  • Install ergonomic counters, keyboards, and mice.
  • Provide your employees with exercise balls to keep at their desks.
  • Offer your employees standing desks.
  • Encourage stretching throughout the day.

Provide Health-Related Motivation  

Encourage your employees to maintain healthy lifestyles.

  • Model consuming healthy foods and beverages.
  • Organize a team fitness activity, such as running per quarter, with a prize of additional paid time off.
  • Invite a motivational speaker to educate your employees on the importance of workplace health and wellness and tips to reach this objective.
  • Book a cooking expert to teach your employees to make a healthy meal.

Encourage Small Steps for Lifestyle Changes

Emphasize the importance of making small changes to attain workplace health and wellness goals.

  • Implementing manageable steps over time makes it easier to obtain objectives.
  • Taking small steps can have big results down the road.
  • Employees can implement stair climbing, stretching, or walking to reach their goals.

Prioritize Mental Health

Openly talk about the importance of mental health. Include signs of poor mental health and methods of support.

  • Talk with your employees about your own experiences with mental health.
  • Share whether you meditate, talk with family and friends, or see a therapist to handle your mental health concerns.
  • Encourage your employees to discuss their own struggles and support methods for mental health.
  • Share the company’s programs and resources to support employees’ mental health and wellness.

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