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Are Your Social Media Accounts Killing Your Chances of Finding a New Job?

Do your social media accounts portray you in a professional manner? If not, you need to clean them up before your job search.

A 2020 survey conducted by The Harris Poll showed that 71% of respondents who make hiring decisions believe a candidate’s social media profiles should be looked at during the screening process. Also, 55% of these respondents did not hire a candidate because of content discovered on their social media accounts.

Most employers use a candidate’s social media accounts to determine how the candidate communicates in an informal setting. These employers also look for red flags, such as profanity, inappropriate photos, and offensive comments, that may cause the candidate not to be hired.

As a result, your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, and other social media profiles must be work-appropriate. This increases your odds of landing an interview with the company you want to work for.

Implement these tips to portray a professional image on your social media accounts and potentially land a job interview.

Google Your Name

An employer likely will google you to find your social media accounts. Proactively find out what the employer might discover about you. Then, you can determine what to do with the content.

If you find anything you would not say or post at work, delete it. This includes removing any posts or photos that display illegal activities, violent behavior, explicit material, or confidential information.

Update Your Social Media Accounts

Your social media accounts must contain the latest information about your career development. For instance, display your current job title, skills, and experience. Also, share your recent awards and employer recommendations. Hiring managers can determine whether you have the skills and experience they seek to fill business needs.

Display Your Accomplishments

Share your achievements to show you are knowledgeable. This encourages employers to engage with you about job opportunities.

For instance, add your newest certifications to your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Also, share photos of your latest digital, creative, or marketing projects on Instagram. Additionally, update your education, skills, and experience on all of your social media accounts. This provides employers with current information about the value you can provide an organization.

Share Your Industry Knowledge

Search your social media platforms for terms that relate to your industry or job title. Then, read, comment on, and share the most relevant information.

Create your own content on topics related to your field. Follow and engage with the professionals who comment on your posts.

Staying current on industry news and trends positions you as a thought leader. This encourages employers to get to know you. It also can help you land a job.

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