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3 Things You Should Always Do Before Your First Day on the Job

# Things You Should Always Do Before Your First Day On The Job

The first few months at your new job are crucial for your long-term success. The impression you make, your ability to adapt to the culture and role, and how well you reach your manager’s expectations affect your longevity with the organization.

As a result, you should always do what you can before your first day on the job to set the foundation for success. These ideas can help.

Discover three things you should always do before your first day on the job.

1. Learn More About the Company and Role

Review the company’s website and social media accounts to learn more about the office culture, dress code, and what a typical workday is like. Also, google the organization to learn about the latest news and developments within the organization.

Learn about the organization’s competitors. See how their products or services are different from your company’s offerings. Focus on other factors that differentiate your organization from other organizations.

Contact HR to request a copy of the employee handbook. Write down any questions you have while reviewing the information. Then, reach out to HR to find the answers.

Connect with your colleagues on LinkedIn. Review their profiles to see what they have in common with you. Use this information to start conversations when you meet your colleagues in person.

2. Focus on the Logistics

If you work onsite or hybrid, practice the commute. Leave at the time you typically would for work. This gives you an idea of how long it should take to get to the office.

If you work remotely or hybrid, test your computer, software, communication platforms, internet connection, and other relevant equipment and technology. Ensure everything is ready before your first day on the job.

Being proactive helps you show up prepared for your new job. This makes a positive impression on your manager and colleagues. It also demonstrates your commitment to success with the organization.

3. Contact Your Manager

Email your manager before your first day on the job.

  • Ask what the dress code is for your position, even if you work remotely.
  • Learn the time you should arrive, when and how long lunch is, and the time your colleagues typically work until.
  • Find out whether there is anything you should know, bring, or prepare that would help you start your new position.
  • Determine which software you will be using so you can practice beforehand.
  • Learn what is expected of you throughout your first week.

Showing your desire to be efficient and effective creates a positive impression on your manager. This helps create a successful start from Day 1.

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