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Giving Thanks to Your Team: Strategies for Employee Appreciation and Retention

Giving thanks to your team is an effective retention strategy. Expressing employee appreciation shows you value your team’s contributions, results, and impact on your company.

Demonstrating employee appreciation encourages your team to remain long-term with your organization. As a result, your hiring, onboarding, and training costs decrease. These factors strengthen your bottom line.

Choose among these strategies to express employee appreciation and strengthen retention.

Write Thank-You Notes

Gift your employees with heartfelt, handwritten thank-you notes. Include in each note a specific achievement and its impact on your company. Let your team know how much you appreciate their efforts.

Give Social Media Shout-Outs

Share on your company’s social media pages examples of your employees going above and beyond to add value to your organization. Or, show what an employee does behind the scenes to keep your team competitive. These examples of employee appreciation show the human side of your company and support employee retention.

Create a Wall of Fame

Dedicate part of your office space for employee recognition. Use this area to showcase each employee’s achievements and their impact on your organization. Seeing this type of employee appreciation provides motivation for your team to perform their best.

Share Health and Wellness Rewards

Organize for your employees a monthly wellness class or day spa services to express appreciation for their hard work. Show that you care about your team’s well-being and ability to benefit your company.

Provide Personalized Employee Rewards

Learn which types of performance rewards your employees like to receive. Personalizing your rewards shows you appreciate your employees and want them to stay loyal to your organization.

Examples of employee rewards include a gift card to a favorite restaurant and a leadership book by a favorite author. Or, you might give a cooking class to an employee who loves to cook or a photography session to an employee who loves photography.

Award Professional Development Opportunities

Reward your top performers with additional opportunities for career development. Examples include participation in a conference or course and mentorship with a senior team member. These rewards encourage career growth within your organization.

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