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Digital Nomad or Office Pro: Navigating Flexible Work in Digital Fields

Determining whether to be a digital nomad or an office pro can be difficult. There are advantages and disadvantages to having flexible work arrangements within digital fields.

You might need help with choosing between the growing opportunities to be a digital nomad or embracing office-based roles within the digital sector. These tips can help.

Get help with navigating flexible work in digital fields to determine whether you want to be a digital nomad or an office pro.

Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad

1. Greater Flexibility

As a digital nomad, you have the flexibility to take care of personal responsibilities during the day. Examples include running errands, going to appointments, and fulfilling family responsibilities. As long as you meet your deadlines, you can attend to your personal needs while holding down a job.

2. Increased Focus

Your ability to focus on your work typically is stronger when working remotely rather than onsite. Not having a commute, colleagues and coworkers to chat with, and lots of meetings frees up time for other tasks. As a result, your productivity should increase.

Disadvantages of Being a Digital Nomad

1. Minimal In-Person Interactions with Coworkers

As a digital nomad, your main face time with colleagues and coworkers is through a screen. Therefore, you might miss the socialization and camaraderie of being in an office. As a result, you could experience difficulty engaging with the culture and feeling like part of the team.

2. Potential Manager Bias Against Digital Nomads

The amount of time you are seen at the office can impact how your manager perceives your performance. Therefore, working remotely might lead your manager to have a conscious or unconscious bias against you. As a result, your manager might not recognize and reward your contributions and results as much as they would if you worked onsite.

Advantages of Being an Office Pro

1. Enhanced Coworker Relationships

Being an office pro helps you establish relationships with colleagues and coworkers. Because you interact with others throughout the day, you get to know them personally and professionally. You also can spend time with colleagues and coworkers outside the office to create lasting friendships.

2. Stronger Collaboration

Working onsite provides ongoing opportunities for in-person collaboration. The ability to work on projects with colleagues and coworkers supports the sharing of ideas, approaches to tasks, and support for resolving issues. As a result, you can give and receive motivation and constructive feedback to attain the desired results.

Disadvantages of Being an Office Pro

1. Reduced Flexibility

Being an office pro often requires being at the office during business hours. Therefore, you must allow adequate time to commute to work and back home and schedule your personal responsibilities around your work schedule. As a result, you might not have enough time to engage in the activities you enjoy.

2. Regular Distractions

Working onsite involves dealing with distractions from sharing a common work area. Conversations between colleagues and coworkers, the need to participate in meetings, and having to resolve unexpected issues impact your ability to focus and complete tasks. As a result, you might be unable to reach your goals for the day.

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