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4 Job Perks Top IT Talent Wants

Are you having difficulty attracting top IT talent to your company? If so, you may want to take a look at the perks you offer.

Top IT talent is looking for more than a competitive salary and benefits package. They also want in-demand perks that increase job satisfaction.

Offering the perks IT talent wants helps attract and retain quality team members. This increases employee performance, productivity, and your bottom line.

Offer the following four job perks to attract top IT talent.

1. Flexibility

Top IT talent wants as much flexibility as possible. As a result, offering remote or hybrid work and a flexible schedule are essential.

Requiring your tech talent to work onsite a maximum of one or two days each week provides the ability to fulfill personal responsibilities during the day. This shows you trust your employees to complete their tasks when it best fits their schedules.

Offering flexibility can help you compete for top IT talent even if you cannot match another company’s proposed salary. If the other company requires employees to be onsite every weekday, IT talent may decide to work for your organization instead.

2. Input in Tech-Based Business Decisions

Tech project managers, developers, analysts, and other top IT talent appreciate having a say in which technologies are used for company projects. Many of these professionals prefer certain tech tools, languages, solutions, and platforms over others. As a result, having a voice in which ones are implemented encourages IT talent to choose your job offer over another.

3. Professional Development  

Share with top IT talent how much of the budget is allocated to each employee’s professional development. Include examples of how your team members use the company’s assistance to pursue professional development opportunities. Investing in your team members’ career development attracts and retains the best IT talent.

4. Career Advancement 

Point out how you sit down with each member of your IT team to create a career path within the organization. Include how you provide the criteria for advancement and help develop the skills needed for promotions.

Top IT talent wants to know how your company can help them take on additional responsibilities and increase their contributions. These activities lead to increased compensation and career advancement.

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