Digital Nomad or Office Pro: Navigating Flexible Work in Digital Fields

Determining whether to be a digital nomad or an office pro can be difficult. There are advantages and disadvantages to having flexible work arrangements within digital fields. You might need help with choosing between the growing opportunities to be a digital nomad or embracing office-based roles within the digital sector. These tips can help. Get […]

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

The use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing continues to grow. This technology is used to automate tasks, find solutions, and increase efficiencies. Artificial intelligence also helps personalize websites, create content, and increase the effectiveness of pay-per-click advertising. More digital marketers are using artificial intelligence because of the benefits it provides. For instance, the technology […]

Creating Impactful Digital Campaigns: Best Strategies for Driving Results

Creating Impactful Digital Campaigns Best Strategies for Driving Results

Creating impactful digital campaigns can be challenging. You want to engage your audience and reach business goals. Developing effective digital campaigns requires substantial research, planning, and execution. You want to connect with your audience and generate results. Whether you need your digital campaigns to reach a wider audience, generate leads, or increase sales, you can […]

6 Career Mistakes Even the Best Professionals Make

Even the best professionals make career mistakes. As a human being, you will not always make the right decisions to benefit your professional path. Perhaps you let work control your life. Maybe you stay in the wrong job or industry for too long. It can happen to anyone. Fortunately, you can fix your mistakes and […]

How Partnering with ektello Can Save You Hundreds of Hours When Hiring

ektello is Greek for “to perform, execute, carry out, accomplish, experience, implement, or achieve.” This defines our commitment to our clients since 2011. We do everything in our power to provide companies with the digital, creative, marketing, or IT employees needed to help achieve their goals. Provide Game-Changing Talent ektello knows you need talent with […]

4 Incentives You Should Offer to Attract Top Talent

During The Great Resignation, millions of employees are leaving their jobs for other opportunities. These employees want roles that better fit their needs, interests, and goals. As a result, the labor market is tight. This is why you may be having difficulty attracting top talent to your organization. Fortunately, you can offer incentives that job […]