Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Your Job Search:  How to Adapt to the New Player in Town

Searching for the perfect job can invoke a sense of stress, but now there’s technology to change that. Every day people are evolving with the technology that’s continuing to be released – we have phones that open with facial recognition, video games that transport users to a world of virtual reality, and handheld speakers that answer every silly question one can muster. Now, artificial intelligence has appeared in the recruiting world, and while AI embarks on changing yet another industry, it’s a good idea to learn how to adapt to this new player and have it work to your advantage.

Keywords are Key

If you’ve worked with a recruiter, you know that tailoring your resume to what the role is looking for is a MUST. Well, now it’s more important than ever. For job boards like ZipRecruiter and Indeed, AI aids recruiters and hiring managers looking through applicants and highlights candidates whose resume fits closest to what the job description outlines. To use this feature to highlight your skills, just use keywords from the bullet points in the job post throughout your resume. This not only helps streamline the process for you but also for the recruiter and hiring managers in finding the right fit for their roles.

Pinpoint Your Search

If you’re looking for a role that focuses on specific needs (skill set, location, etc), why not search for them? AI helps save candidates time with specific results instead of having them scroll through countless pages until they see something they’re looking for. Whether that be an exact location or a role with a particular job title, this search feature can assist you in finding the most accurate info in your job search. For example, if you’re looking for a role in a city but don’t want a lengthy commute, you can pare down the radius to find positions that are in your preferred location.

Embrace the Bot

Keywords and searches are a notable example of AI working behind the scenes to help ease your search. But they may not always be the best if you feel lost, or that you’re not getting the right results. That’s where your own personal assistant shows up to save the day – the bot! Chatbots are the next step that bridges the relationship between talent and recruiters and hiring managers. They are programmed to interact with people and comprehend what users need in a more human-based way than what one might believe of bots. If you think what you need is too specific for a bot, think again! Whether you need a quick overview to see if your resume is up to snuff (Stella), a complete overhaul of your resume (Mosaic), or someone to advise you on concerns you have about your career path (Wade and Wendy) – there’s a bot for that!

How This Helps You

AI wasn’t an overnight appearance, but instead, one that’s integrated itself slowly in programs that job applicants use regularly when searching for a new role. As updates come and go, more tools are created to assist you with finding the perfect position. These integrated platforms aid candidates with questions they have on their journey, as well as the decision-making process when one comes face-to-face with a job to consider. AI’s part is planned to be even more prominent in the near future. According to Raj Mukherjee, Senior Vice President of Product for Indeed, AI is expected to cut down job research time for both the applicant and the recruiter.


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