Do you always have creative, marketing, digital and IT jobs available?

We certainly do! We have over 1000 clients which means we are always receiving new openings. Contact your recruiter or search our jobs page anytime to check out new opportunities.

Does every available job appear online?

Almost. Some clients request that we scout talent for them, asking us to suggest custom-fit professionals who match their needs.

Why should I work with ektello?

The best thing you get when you work with ektello is us. We want to do more than find you a job. We want to help you build a career. You are the talent we offer, so we are invested in making you the strongest, most employable candidate possible. We care about your career interests and goals, and our recruiters are well-connected with hiring decision-makers around the corner and around the country.

What is the best way to start with ektello?

Sign up for free, search available jobs or post your resume today to connect with a recruiter.

What should professionals consider before and during a job search?

Always keep measurable track of your projects throughout your career, and make sure you are able to prove their success on paper and discuss that success in person. When on the job hunt, establish a relationship with a staffing firm that you trust and is centered around your skills.

When filling contract work, are most jobs 1099- or W-2-based?

We can engage you with the best opportunities for you. There are always benefits to consider with being a W-2 employee, such as the potential inclusion of medical benefits.

Does ektello sponsor H1B visas?

We do sponsor H1B visas. When transferring visas through us, you can feel safe knowing that we work with a reputable firm and stay to the letter of the law.