Using Social Media Successfully in Your Job Search

You spend hours a day on social media, so why not put it to work for you. With 84% of companies using social media for recruiting you don’t want to overlook the success it can play in helping you land your next career opportunity in 2018.

Here are 3 ways social media can play an active role in your next job search.

Follow & Apply – Do you target specific companies for open job opportunities? Follow them on various social media platforms to keep updated on new hiring needs in real-time. Many promote new job postings on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (even Instagram); or their employees act as brand ambassadors pushing postings and are actively out looking for referrals. Just click the link to learn more and apply right from social media. It’s quick and easy!

Research & Prepare – Many companies are taking an active role on social media to promote their company culture and offerings. Checking out their social media channels during your job search and interview process can help you get prepared, as well as identify companies and departments that are a match to what you’re looking for in your search.

Network & Connect – Looking to get your foot in the door with a specific company? Connect with their employees on social media (LinkedIn is a no brainer, but don’t overlook Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) who can give insight into the company, environment and culture. Depending on the companies industry you can also keep updated on any industry events they might be hosting, or where their employees might be speaking or mentoring to give you another level of engagement.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – each can be used to search job openings, follow groups and companies, network with potential employers and connect with Recruiters for a career search partnership.

Search in the “Search” field search job titles and it categorizes them by Jobs Nearby, Groups, Pages, Posts and Links.

Join Groups, for example if you’re looking for a Graphic Design job there are “Graphic Design Jobs” groups, or you can even follow local companies and organizations.

Follow companies and organizations pages for job, company and event updates.

Network with employees from potential employers.

Connect with hiring managers and Recruiters for current openings and partnership.

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